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Our Professional Chauffeurs

First class team to serve you

Skyline is a Co-op and our Drivers are Owner/Operator/Membership Holders. Each Driver is required to meet strict expectations.
Prior to entering our training program all drivers must complete a physical and eye examination, have a clean driving record and submit to drug and alcohol testing.
The driver is finger printed and a criminal background check is performed by the Department of Homeland Security. In addition an immigration status verification is conducted, to ensure that any driver of foreign origin meets all necessary legal requirements to reside and be employed in the United States.

Driver Training Program for a prime service

As part of our training, drivers must successfully complete each learning module of our training program.
Driver Safety & Accident Avoidance, covers anti-aggressive driving, passenger empathy, driving rules & regulation compliance.
Road Hazard training covers accident avoidance with the goal of delivering our passengers to their destinations with comfort and safety.
Other topics include: Customer Relations, Passenger Courtesy, Traffic Code Regulations, Geography, Use of GPS Navigation, Dress and Behavior Requirements, Company Rules & Regulations and Vehicle Maintenance.

Licensed Driver according to NY regulations

All Drivers must be licensed by the TLC, have a current NYS Driver’s License and the proper insurance.
Drivers are trained in a classroom setting by senior drivers and managers. Printed materials, videos, presentations, lectures and tests are all used with the goal of providing for the safety and comfort of our passengers.

The best drivers at your service is our commitment

No driver is permitted to service our clients without passing all required courses and tests.
In the event that a driver fails our training, the driver must repeat and pass the full course and testing.