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Skyline on COVID-19

Important COVID-19 Update from Skyline Credit Ride.
We provide safe transportation in NY, NJ & CT Metro area.

  • Skyline has made several updates to our procedures to protect both our drivers and our passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • All Skyline vehicles are sanitized by your driver, after each and every passenger exits the vehicle.
  • Additionally, all Skyline vehicles are disinfected weekly, at our base, with industrial sanitizing equipment.
  • All Skyline drivers wear safety masks and supply hand sanitizer and masks to any passenger who does not have their own.
  • For more information, contact Mercedes Balladares mballadares@skylineride.com 718-482-8585 extension 3251.

In the New York area, each of us has felt the impact of COVID-19, so we are working assiduously to face this emergency in the best possible way.


Our Drivers have been trained to disinfect their vehicle after each and every ride. We are taking all the necessary precautions to protect both our drivers and passengers from possible exposure.

Aiports Services

Airport access has remained unchanged during the pandemic. We work closely with the Port Authority of NY & NJ to ensure safe, reliable airport drop offs and pickups. Please see your Airport Services.


Your safety and security is of paramount importance. After every ride, your vehicle’s door handles, window controls, locks, seatbelt buckles and headrest are disinfected, wiped down and cleaned.

Package Services

While you and your staff work from home, your packages and documents can be safely and securely transported by a fully insured, Skyline Driver. Door-to-door package service is available 24/7.

Additional Information:

Skyline Credit Ride has been working with a number of customers to develop their plans regarding transportation during the Corona virus pandemic. We are reaching out to you as you are a valued customer, to let you know that Skyline can help you and your colleagues, by providing safer ground transportation during the pandemic. We will work with you to develop a specialized program to fit your personal and corporate needs.

Here are a few of the services that we are providing to our clients:

  • Dedicated vehicles to transport employees between home and office and provide shuttle service between office locations. Each vehicle is cleaned and sanitized between trips.
  • Dedicated vehicles provide hourly shuttle service to pick up and drop off your people throughout the day, regardless of location.
  • Messenger services to move items such as; documents, computer equipment or any other critical cargo.
  • Skyline provides alternate transportation to Acela, LIRR, NJ Transit or MTA Transit Subways, Buses and Trains.
  • Providing 24/7 transportation as companies create shifts to minimize employee contact and increase social distancing.

Skyline has been proactive in the ground transportation industry for decades. We have 350 available vehicles and every driver has been educated in proper cleaning techniques to keep our customers as safe as possible.
We are also following CDC recommendations by encouraging our drivers to go to testing and/or quarantine should that be needed.

  • Dedicated vehicles to transport employees between home and office and provide shuttle service between office locations.
    Each vehicle is cleaned and sanitized between trips.
  • All Drivers have been trained to wipe down their vehicle after each trip, including:
    • Outside door handles.
    • Inside door handles.
    • Door & Window control buttons.
    • Headrest area.
    • Seatbelt buckles.
    • Additionally, we have instructed our Drivers to remove any reading materials such as magazines, newspapers and any other reading material that may be prone to germ retention form the passenger area.
  • Our cars generally take 4-5 passengers a day, compared to 10 to 15 passengers taken by Uber or Yellow Cab.
    Skyline offers a much safer and more controlled environment.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have and I will be happy to help. Stay safe! Mercedes

mballadares@skylineride.com 718-482-8585 extension 3251