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Airport Service

Skyline keeps a fleet of vehicles at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark/Liberty Airports 24/7/365. Whether, you use our Inside Pickup Service (Meet & Greet) or Curbside Pickup, your car is always nearby.

for an expedite service please use our Reservation Concierge.


Key Features

  • On a Live Call (ASAP pickup) a car will be at your designated pickup location within 5 minutes.
  • We monitor the arrival of your flight in real-time to avoid additional cost.
  • We provide service to out-of-town airports including but not limited to; Teterboro, Westchester and Islip McArthur.
  • Have your driver meet you curbside or inside your terminal for a Meet & Greet pickup.


Useful tips for using Skyline’s Airport Service

ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

Vehicle On Demand, Outside Pick Up Area: No reservation necessary. As soon as the passenger’s flight has landed, have them call us from the terminal using our toll free phone number (800) 567-5957.
We will give the passenger the Skyline vehicle number, ETA and direct them to the designated pick up area outside the terminal.
No waiting time charges, if they go directly to the vehicle.

Meet And Greet Reservation

Driver Waiting Inside Terminal At Baggage Or Customs With A Sign: Place advance reservation.
We will confirm inside terminal meet and greet area, and update the flight arrival time with that airline.
The Skyline vehicle will be dispatched twenty minutes in advance of updated flight arrival time to give the driver adequate time to park their vehicle. After the driver parks the vehicle they will wait inside the terminal at the designated ground transportation meet and greet area with the Skyline logo and the passenger’s name on that sign. There is a twelve dollar ($12.00) surcharge for this service, plus parking.
Waiting time is chargeable if flight is delayed beyond the updated flight arrival time posted by that airline or if you give a specific time when you would like to be met. For your convenience, waiting time will be charged in conformity with our standard waiting time pricing procedures.

From “Out of Town” to the airport

When traveling to the airport avoid stress by placing your reservation in advance.

Airport Policy

Skyline uses Flightview in order to track arrival times. Once Flightview reports that your flight has landed, Skyline will then dispatch the vehicle. Skyline does not allot time for passenger to disembark the plan, collect luggage or go thru customs, waiting time will start as of the arrival time quoted by Flight view.
If you would like to have the driver dispatched 15, 20 minutes or more after the arrival time you must call our dispatcher with the special request, so that it is noted on the call. When calling in after placing your reservation give the dispatcher your confirmation number.
Please do not put in a later pick-up time on the call and assume that the system will know that you giving yourself extra time.

Inside Pick up

The driver will be inside the terminal waiting to greet you and help you with your luggage to the vehicle.

Outside Will Call

The client will confirm that they have landed and then a driver will be dispatched to them.

Outside & Track

Skyline will use Flightview and once your flight is reported as landed a vehicle will be dispatched to you.
We suggest for Airport pick up for clients to use Outside Will Call in order to avoid unnecessary waiting time charges.
A Skyline vehicle is always 10 minutes away from LGA, JFK and EWR airports.